hack snapchat on android

This trick enables you to save any pic send by snapchat to your android phone. snapchat saves the picture on your phone in /data/data/com.snapchat.android/ca…

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  1. Guys great news! i came accross this site
    https://kivikakk.ee/2013/05/10/snapchat.html it turns out snapchat is using
    aes encryption with key: M02cnQ51Ji97vwT4 will post an updated version of
    this video where i will show you how to detecrypt it and maybe i will even
    make an android app as a future project that does everything automatically
    i wil keep you updated!

  2. This trick is no longer working, they are somehow encoding the image.If i
    find out how to decode it i will post an update

  3. I really need you to get a working way to find the pics and upload it
    immediately. It’s really important that I get this

  4. Hi, good video !

    When I change the extension , the image becomes damaged, do you know how to
    change the extension without damaged the image?

    Thank you !

  5. are you rooted ? did you see the pic or not yet ?if you have already seen
    the photo in snapchat it will get deleted and you will not see anything.

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